Hey! I'm Sebastian Hoitz

and I like to things.




*If you need help with software development, we should talk!


How can I help you?

As an entrepreneur and software engineer I am passionate about digital business models, quick value delivery, agile organizations and resilient teams. I have helped with the agile transformation at FINANZCHECK.de, founded my own company before that and occasionally appear as a public speaker.

I am an expert at understanding business requirements and building products in an iterative, agile approach.
If you need help with software development, we should talk!

Why is this site called makemake?

Makemake is Hawaiian and loosely translates to "the desire to do something" or passion. I learned about the word traveling around the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Kauai and could identify myself with it right away. What can I say? I have lots of passion for what I do!


Agile transformation at FINANZCHECK.de

FINANZCHECK.de is one of the leading FinTechs in Germany. Since 2015, I have played a big part in their agile transformation, driving the product development forward as a Technical Product Owner.

Founder at komola

I started coding when I was 12 and co-founded the company komola from Highschool. We built many different products: A system for reserving and managing electric car chargers, payment and login services for public city-wide WiFi networks or a support software that combines E-Mail, Twitter and Facebook.

But most recently we are busy with the development of PrismaBox Enterprise, a system for automating car photography at a high throughput.


I started to give talks on agile organizations and technology in 2016. My latest talk was about how modern, growing organizations should focus on staying lean and fast, so that they can compete in the fast evolving markets.

Hit me up, if you would like me to share my expertise at your event.